Endoscopy, esophageal motility & ERCP units

• Therapeutic Endoscopy:

 Treatment of common bile duct stones and imaging by ERCP
 The unit diagnoses and treats bile duct obstruction caused by stones or tumors (more than seven thousand patients were treated in the unit), follow-up patients with liver transplantation (outside and inside Egypt) and training Egyptian & foreign doctors on this advanced technology and the number of cases annually Approximately 700 cases.
- Diagnostic Endoscopy:
 Including upper GI endoscopy & colonoscopy
 It is newly & well-equipped according to the latest scientific systems to diagnose gastrointestinal diseases as well as treatment of esophageal varices and colonic diseases. (About 4,000 patients per year)
- Laboratory of gastrointestinal motility:

The laboratory performs the following techniques:

 Computerized measurement of the functions of esophageal muscles.
 Measure esophageal acid reflux for 24 hours
 Measurement of 24-hour bile reflux
 Study of stomach electrophysiology.
• Measure the muscles of the anus, rectum and output muscles
• Therapeutic training needed for anal and rectal muscles.
• Measure acid reflux and impedance together for 24 hours
• Measure the functions and muscles of the esophagus and measure the muscles of the anus and rectum and the muscles of the output system with high contrast