Upper GIT surgery


There is no doubt that gastric & esophageal diseases have become increasingly common in recent times. The Center receives cases of :
  • Esophageal tumors of different types
  • Gastric tumors of different types
  • GERD
  • Achalasia causing difficulty swallowing
  • Gastric outlet obstruction either due to a duodenal ulcer or gastric tumor
  • Gastric volvulus.
- GISC plays an important role in diagnosis of these diseases based on the latest diagnostic methods in this field. The center has radiological investigations such as ultrasonography, barium studies, CT scan, and CT angiography.
- GISC provides diagnostic upper GI endoscopies & esophageal motility unit that has a major role in the diagnosis of such diseases.
- GISC has an important role in gastric and esophageal surgeries, where most of these surgeries are performed by the laparoscopy, thus the patients can benefit from the advantages of this development in such surgeries.