- The liver transplantation project in gastrointestinal surgery center (GISC) did not start from a nothing, but preceded by long experience in gastrointestinal and liver surgery where the GISC was one of the first medical center that performed advanced surgery in liver, pancreatic and bile duct. After this experience in the field of liver tumors resection, large number of patients not suitable for surgical intervention start to appear. From this point, the center began under the leadership of Professor Farouk Amin Ezzat, may God have mercy on him, to form of liver transplant team at Mansoura University based of scientific and ethical International standards for organ transplantation.
- This required establishing liver transplantation unit with the following characters:
 New ICU compatible with liver transplantation operations.
 Purchase new medical devices for this purpose like:
1- Blood Purification System
2- New devices for liver resection
3- New devices for haemostasis intraoperatively
4- New devices for anaesthesia & ICU
5- New instruments for liver transplantation operations
6- Establishment of patients rooms & ward for hospital stay after operations.
- An integrated liver transplant team has been formed from several committees:
 Committee of Values.
 The surgical team.
 Anesthesia & Intensive Care Team.
 ERCP Unit.
 Hepatology team
 Radiology team
 Immunology & histopathology team.
 Nursing team for ICU & inpatient ward.
 Public relations and medical registration team.
 Nutrition team
- Indications of liver transplantation:
 Hepatic failure
 Liver tumors in the early stages
 Congenital anomalies of the liver lead to liver failure
 Chronic inflammation of the bile ducts leads to cirrhosis
 Acute hepatitis caused by viral infection or the use of some drugs, including parastamol
- Conditions and Criteria for Selecting a Donor for Liver Transplantation
 The donor should be one of the patient's relatives until the fourth grade.
 The age should be (21-45 years) and if the donor is the son or the daughter is 18 years old
 To be free of viruses and other liver diseases, heart disease, hypertension and DM.
 The donor does not suffer from obesity.
 Do not undergo operations in the upper abdomen.
 Do not suffer from any psychological or mental illness.
 To accept the donation by his will and not to be under any pressure.
 After all investigations, should be candidate for donation.