Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Center is the dominant authority for the affairs of the Center and the conduct of its affairs and the development of a policy that achieves its objectives under the supervision of the President of the UniversityThe Center's management is governed by a decision of the President of the University for a period of two years from 8-10-2016 to the following address:
  • Prof. Said Abdel Hady - Dean of the Faculty of Medicine (Chairman)
  • Prof. Mohamed El-Shobri - Director of the Center
  • Prof.Mohamed Abdel Wahab - technical supervisor of the liver transplant project
  • Prof. Nisreen Salah Omar - Vice Dean for Community Service and Environment Development
  • Prof. Yahya Basyouni, Director General of Hospitals
  • Prof. Nazem Shams - Head of Surgery Departments
  • Prof. Salah El-Gamal - Head of the Department of Internal Medicine
  • Prof. Mona Hashish, Head of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Department
  • Prof. Osama Al-Baz, Head of Clinical Pathology Department
  • Prof. Talal Amer - Head of Diagnostic Radiology Department, Faculty of Medicine
  • Prof. Khaled Zaltah - Head of Pathology Department
  • Prof. Helmy Ezzat , Deputy Director of the Center 
  • Prof. Mohamed El-Shobry, Deputy Director of the Center for Gastroenterology
  • Prof.Maysa El Sayed - Head of the Anti-Infection Unit
  • Prof. Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Sultan - full professor in the Department of Surgery
  • Prof.Omar Mohamed Fathy Ibrahim - Professor full-time department of surgery
  • Prof. Nabil Ali El Sayed Gad El Haq - Professor Emeritus, Department of Surgery
  • Prof.Gamal Kamel El-Obeidi - Professor, Department of Surgery
  • Prof.Mustafa Mohammed Mohamed Abu Zeid - Professor, Department of Surgery
  • Prof.Waleed Adel Mohamed Askar - Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery
  • Prof. Ehab Ali El-Hanafi Ismail - Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery
  • Prof. Helmy Ezzat Ahmed El-Gendy, lecturer in surgery department
  • Prof. Mohamed Ebraihem  - Acting Director General
  • Pharmaceutical. Manal Saleh - Head of Pharmaceutics Department
  • Ms. Iman Al-Shahat, Head of Nursing Department of the Center

Mohamed El Shobari