Center director welcome message


Mansoura city during the past 20 years has witnessed a tremendous medical breakthrough in the establishment of the specialized medical centers. For this reason, Mansoura city is called the medical capital of Egypt. One of the most prominent of these specialized medical centers is the center of the gastrointestinal surgery. This center was established by the efforts of its sons, staff members and its employees. Medical services of the center include medical examination and treatment particularly for citizens of the lower Egypt governorates and all Egyptian citizens in general. The center receives more than 25 thousand patients annually and provides them with medical services in the form of radiological & laboratory investigations and performance of surgical operations such as removal of the gall bladder & resection of the stomach, colon and liver tumors. It was an enormous qualitative transfer when the living donor liver transplantation of was opened. The center received good reputation in this field after the first living donor liver transplantation was performed by its own doctors in 2004 until the number of cases of liver transplantation reached 610 cases till now with success rate 84%. The aim of the center is to provide medical, educational and research services at the highest level to be a competitive medical services reflected on the community and serves a large number of citizens suffering from common diseases of the digestive system in Dakahlia and neighboring governorates. Any achievement reached is a continuation of the efforts of previous generations and the fruit of cooperation and effort for all hospital staff.